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In support of PrintAustin 2014, aether magazine has created this special
issue on PRINTMAKING – a look at those who create, educate, and collect.

From emerging talent to internationally recognized masters,
our writers report on ARTISTS devoted to the medium and
explore the relevancy of contemporary printmaking

INTERNATIONAL PRINTMAKERS / Crossing Boundaries, Making Connections

STAGING THE LANDSCAPE / The Sculptural Work of Jason Urban

IN PURSUIT OF CULTURAL IDENTITY / The work of Polk, Mersky, Gratovich

INTO THE JUNGLE / Jules Buck Jones

Kristin Holder opens the door to what she calls an enduring repository,
the Blanton Museum of Art's extensive print collection

Clay Smith provides a historical perspective for Gus Kopriva's
collection of German prints and Degenerate Art

Two influential printers – Katherine Brimberry and Jeffery Dell discuss the
role their workshops play in educating and nurturing young printmakers.



a visual arts dialogue
                   austin, texas and beyond


aeaether (Greek αἰθήρaithēr[1])
a medium that in the wave theory of light permeates all space and transmits transverse waves.